About pentagaia toolbox

Some people may think: Why yet another framework? Indeed there are many frameworks available around the world. The answer is simple: No framework fits my needs. In spring 2003 I began to develop java games. And in summer 2006 there was my first intention to create some kind of MMO. Of course I wanted to create it in java.

After weeks I stopped. Google was afraid of seeing my browser. Only one project was found that matches the open source criteria: Project darkstar from sun. After doing some tests on it I found out that it was only some kind of small application server. And nothing special about it but some details are very clever and smart.

In the beginning there was a development plan. What do I need? Which modules do a gamer expect on a MMO? After some tests and experiments I decided to move this project to sourceforge. Maybe this project will become bigger and some developers interested in it will join.

So which topics do we handle with our first release?

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