Pentagaia toolbox - Documentation

The pentagaia toolbox contains several modules that extends the project darkstar gameserver . You will find additional documentation on each module/subproject.

First time users

We use maven to create the library. Every module can be downloaded by maven (or by using your favorite browser). Use the repository linked in the site menu.

The pentagaia toolbox may contain several implementations for every some of the darkstar server version. Why? We also provide an eclipse integration via webtools. And this implementation already supports various pds gameserver versions. It will be redesigned in future to re-use the pentagaia toolbox.

Whenever there is a special library version it is mentioned in the installation chapter of the module documents. Let us look at the start subproject for example. It contains three java modules:

  • start-api
  • start-0_9_5_1
  • start-0_9_6

    So there is a public api (and implementation) module named "start-api". There is an implementation related to version named "start-0_9_5_1" and an implementation related to version 0.9.6 named "start-0_9_6". What do you need? If you are planning to compile against the newest version of the project darkstar gameserver simply use the newest implementation available. Add a dependency to "start-api" and "start-0_9_6". This will also inherit dependencies to the darkstar libraries.

    If you are planning to provide various implementations to support many versions of the project darkstar gameserver you should have a look at the dependencies. You should never depend on both projects "start-0_9_6" and "start-0_9_5_1" within the same module.

Projects summary

A small summary on all projects available.

Project Depends on Summary
Start Startup of project darkstar gameserver and utilize the
behavior. This is used by many projects.
TX start Direct access to pds transactions from external java

Additional information

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