Eclipse Darkstar plugins - 2. Setup

You will need some basic setup before you can create your first darkstar server project. If you used webtools before (f.e. with tomcat application server) simply create a server runtime, a server instance and continue with next chapter.

What about a server runtime? Eclipse needs to know where to find the project darkstar jar files and sources. You can select the jar files while you are creating a new server runtime. Select the "window->preferences" menu item and create a new server runtime.

Now you are able to select the folder to your unzipped sgs binary and sources. Note that you must unzip both. Eclipse does not support selecting the original zip packages. Although you may be able to select other versions than we recommend using this one.

Let us first switch to JavaEE perspective. You will find a server view at the bottom. Use it to define a new server. A server is based on the runtime you have creates above. You can assume that it is some kind of "instance" or "singleton". A server may only be started once till it terminates. If you want to define mutliple configurations (f.e. one with logging set to off and another with logging set to debug) simply create two servers.

Congratulations. You have finished the setup tasks. The server You defined will not work because it does not contain any application. The next chapter will show how to create a full working sgs server application.

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