Eclipse Darkstar plugins - 4.2. Compilation hints

The compiler will report some problems on sgs projects. There are many hints on services, managers, manage objects, serializables and other. First of all it will report problems if the main classes (managed object, listeners and others) miss an interface or if they implement an unneeded interface. The plugin will have a look at constructors too. So that you will see if you do provide the correct constructor.

Note: Caused in a bug it will currently report that the service class misses the correct constructor. If you created the class by using the wizard simply ignore the warning.

Another important analysis will be taken on Managed Objects and serializable. Darkstar does not allow serializables to serialize a local field of managed object. In other words: You will have to wrap a managed object by ManagedReference. The eclipse plugin reports any local field that should be wrapped by a ManagedReference.

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