Eclipse Darkstar plugins - 3.2. Create an application listener

To get a working darkstar application we need to define an application listener. However we let eclipse do this. Within the new wizard You will find the "SGS application listener" option.

The wizard now becomes a classic new class wizard except that it will not create a simple java class but an application listener implementation. Fill the wizard and hit "finish". However you will see a new class that report compilation errors.

To resolve the compilation error let the application listener implement the interface. Why? Actually the "new listener wizard" is buggy and does not choose the correct class template. But the compilation error sounds interesting. The eclipse plugins will automatically look for proper class implementations. If you create a managed object that's not Serializable they will report a compilation problem. A ManagedObject always must be serializable if it is stored in the project darkstar database. Look at chapter 4.2 for details on compilation problems.

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