Eclipse Darkstar plugins - 4.1. Multiple project setup

The eclipse plugin supports multiple projects building one darkstar application. However You will always need to create one project that you use within the gameserver. Adding two projects to the gameserver means defining two independent applications. But how do you use a multiple project setup? Assume that you have the following project setup:
-> (1) sgs application project
-> (2) sgs server module 1
---> (3) module 1 fragment
-> (4) sgs server module 2
-> (5) third party (independent) module

You will only have to add project 1 to the gameserver. Within the java build path create the following dependencies:
1 requires 2, 4, 5.
2 requires 4.

This project setup will create an application that will include all the five projects. The eclipse plugin will try to merge the application properties to create a new application property every time it finds a sgs server project on the java build path. However the project order is important so that eclipse chooses the correct listener. If the main project (project 1) defines it's own application listener this will be used instead.

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